Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary Soup, Spooky Salads and Saran

You know how I love good alliteration - I couldn't resist tonight.

Today was one of those completely ridiculous days. With Halloween kinda a big deal to the 8-year-old crowd, we had a packed schedule. But, I managed to squeeze in time to make three dishes. For three different needs. And no, I am not popping any sort of uppers (is "uppers" such a 70s word?).

Side note: Does anyone else have issues with saran wrap? It always twists and turns and gets all screwed up whenever I try to use it. I'm not a fan of saran (!!!!).

The recipes: Let's just get right to it. I am not going to type out all of the ingredients because I don't feel like it. I did replace the called-for ingredients with low-sodium alternatives, in case you are wondering. And, if you want a specific recipe, contact me.

1. Salad: Being the good, community/school contributor that I am, I volunteered to provide a salad for tomorrow's parent-teacher conferences (I'm on the hospitality committee). Hopefully my contribution will result in stellar praise for the kid.

Seven-Layer Salad
Source: Eating Well, May/June 2009

Seven-Layer Side View

2. 'Hood Pizza Party: You've heard about my 'hood. We're all a little obsessed with each other. So, obviously, we have to gather before Halloween to eat. I've hosted this "phreaky pizza party" (oh yes that IS what I've called our shindig) for several years, but due to my travel and absent-mindedness, my good 'hoodie C hosted it. I contributed pasta salad.

Pasta Side Salad Made Over
Source: Kraft Food & Family, Summer 2006

Pasta Side Salad shot

3. Soup: Knowing the hubs would not have the opportunity to eat before trick-or-treating (he missed the party) and knowing that I would not eat with the baby on the prowl at said party, I thought a nice, warm crock pot of chicken soup for later would be a good solution. Plus, it makes the house smell cozy.

Vegetable Chicken Soup
Source: Taste of Home Heartwarming Soups, Fall 2011

BTW, the soup involves barley, 'shrooms, tomatoes and other healthy goodness.

I am waiting for the rest of the crew to get home, so I have only had a spoonful of soup and it was very tasty (and hot). I did not try the pasta salad, but heard that it was well-received. As for the seven-layer salad, I guess we'll see what the kid's teacher has to say tomorrow night.


  1. HF. Please quit the saran and graduate to PressNSeal. Its a lifesaver. Sincerely, HK

  2. Saran stinks - give me tin foil anytime.