Wednesday, November 23, 2011

T-Day, Part One

About 15 years ago, when my now-hubs and I moved in together, being young and oh-so-in love, I didn't want to be apart for Thanksgiving (his family lives about four hours from mine). So, I offered to host both families in our little apartment. Completely out of selfish reasons! And while we have moved on to something just a tad bigger than two bedrooms, the hosting gig has stuck. Oh - and so has the hubs. Ha ha ha.

I kind of have this holiday down to a science. I start planning the menu about two weeks in advance, assign various guests their contributions, and do all of my shopping the Sunday before. I also have all sorts of lists - lists of menus, prep schedules, serving dishes to use, etc.

Soooo, today I was scheduled to make several things for tomorrow's main event. I am not going to write out all of the recipes because, ummm, I don't want to. If you want one, contact me. I am also not going to add my typical stellar images because I kind of forgot to take pictures. AND, these are not all clean and healthy and low fat/cal/whatever recipes, even though I still try to select better ingredients when possible. It is Thanksgiving, after all. A celebration of gluttony! Plus, I think my family would freak if I tried to force some sort of low-sodium veggie concoction down their throats instead of 'taters and stuffing.

Of course, I need to add a little bit of fun to tonight's post. Therefore, since today's big focus was dessert, here's a little ditty for you:

Yes - there is a Beatles song for every thing.

Today's list:
I also made corn bread for corn bread stuffing tomorrow, but will provide specifics upon completion.

Happy night before T-Day... more tomorrow.

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