Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newbie Dinner

Things that make me feel old:
  1. My 20-year high school reunion is this year.
  2. I'd rather stay home and sleep than go out most nights.
  3. I'm a little bit over MTV.
  4. I care about things like heart health.
  5. Most of my co-workers.
A word about those co-workers. I love to regale them with stories about how I didn't have a cell phone, email or the Internet not only in college, but at my first "real" job. I enjoy hearing that for some of them, the year I got married was the year they graduated high school. Or entered high school. Or were still in elementary school.

Part of being old is worrying that some of these youngins are here in the big NEO all by their lonesomes, wasting away in their apartments eating fast food and other unhealthy randomness. So, tonight I invited two of our latest newbies (plus one significant other) to dinner. Both are from out of town, and both graduated college in 2011. Oy. You may now call me Mama Old Fogey.

Included on tonight's menu:
Both newbies are regular readers of this blog, so hopefully they enjoyed themselves tonight and will also comment on tonight's meal. I thought the lasagna especially turned out very well. It was very rich and satisfying, even though it was "heart healthy." The Double Chocolate Brownie Bars were a bit too good, so they will most likely go to school with the hubs so I'm not tempted to eat the entire pan in one sitting.

A note about one newbie: About a week ago, I issued a "name this quote" challenge and he correctly Googled guessed the right source. So, here's your shout-out, DH! Now get back to work.

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  1. You and I are the same vintage. It's weird feeling old, isn't it? Like 5 years ago even it wasn't staring me in the face, but now I am feeling dated more and more. Time flies, my friend.