Sunday, January 1, 2012

And We're Off!

Hello 2012!

I hope you had a glorious celebration! I started off the new year in a completely and totally unexpected way - I slept in until 9a! Many of you know that my typical wake-up time (sans alarm) is around 4/4:30a, so this was certainly a surprise to me. Of course, going to sleep around 2a might have a little something to do with that.

A word about resolutions: I don't make them. I used to - but to me, they are pointless. So you aren't going to read about any heady goals or resolutions on my blog. I am going to just keep on truckin' along, which means eating and cooking clean most of the time, working out at obscene hours, and trying to do my best as a mom, wife and PR hack.

Anyway - back to the point of this blog - the food. I decided to whip up a little breakfast for the fam before heading out and meeting an old bud for coffee. I also managed to throw together most of our dinner during this time. Hooray for the multi-task!

Monkey Bread Minis
Source: Rachael Ray Magazine, no clue date

I did not have time to try these fresh out of the oven because I was running a little bit late for my aforementioned coffee date. The boys did like them - the hubs popped about four in - and I tried a teeny piece several hours later. I will tell you that this was kind of a hassle to make, partly because I didn't have much time to focus.

Pushed 'N' Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Source: Prevention Guide Slow Cooker Recipes, Winter 2012

The pork ended up good - very tender and easy to pull with a fork. Taste-wise, it was really no different from most pulled pork/slow cooker recipes. IMO, the all kind of taste the same. It makes a ton (the recipe calls for 4lbs bone-in pork), so we have a lot of football-watching-sandwich-eating leftovers, which was kind of the intent. The boys both approved of this one.

Smoky Three-Bean Bake
Source: Cooking Light, July 2011

Yum! Best part of the meal for sure. The recipe was easy to throw together - the "toughest" part was cooking the bacon and onions. Otherwise, I just mixed up the rest of the ingredients and popped it into the oven for 60 mins. And you know I love my beans! The kid did not like this at all - but he is not beany, despite my best efforts to entice him with fun, bean-related songs. The hubs also thoroughly enjoyed the bake.


  1. Happy New Year!!

    Hope your holidays were smashing & (of course) TASTY. Now back to the ole grind. :)

    The pulled pork sounds fab; I am a sucker for BBQ!

  2. Back to the grind it is - happy new year to you, too!!