Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nobody Told Me

Tonight's dinner pretty much blew. I had a lovely trout dinner from latest issue of Clean Eating magazine planned, but due to a communication fail, the wrong trout was purchased, so I made do with corn meal crusted chicken.


I've made chicken crusted with corn meal before, but tonight I kind of winged it due to lack of time.  I pretty much double coated chicken per Clean Eating's original trout instructions (corn meal, egg white, corn meal), gave it a brief fry with EVOO before baking it. Was it edible? Sure. Was it the worst thing I've ever made? No. Was it what I planned on making? Not even close. It was accompanied by Clean Eating's mushroom-potato mix, which I added some onions to, hoping to enhance the flavor. Again - not a total fail (ala the great Crock pot dessert fiasco) - think healthy hash browns - but was pretty much completely underwhelmed.

Michael Symon I'm not.

Oh well - so goes it. I'm not particularly thrilled with tonight's turn of events and I'm not the best with last-minute change up (that's the control freak side of me), but at the end of the day, it's not the worst that can happen - it's just trout! We still had a healthy meal as a family - the kid especially enjoyed the chicken (think chicken fingers-style crust), and that's all that counts.

Note: When throwing a pity party (instead of a dinner party - get it?!), John Lennon always adds in a little cheer. At least for my Beatles-obsessed self. This song perfectly captures my mood as of right now.


  1. To say that tonight was a communication fail is a bit generous, it was more accurately a hubs fail (who knew it would be so difficult to buy trout at the store). Anyway, 4 forks for the chef and 0 forks for the fish purchaser.

  2. Aww.. love the comment above from your husband. And LOVE the video. They don't make em like they used to.