Monday, December 12, 2011

Cupcake Wars

OMG - I love the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. LOVE IT. I love it when they have the most off-the-wall ingredients, and when that one judge says, "It's a no for me." If you haven't seen it, tune in.

Now that my non-paid and unofficial endorsement is out of the way, let's move on to the task at hand. I did not cook dinner tonight. I had a lovely Meatless Monday dish all planned out, but honestly peeps, I am not that hungry, and the boys were later than usual tonight, so it was shelved for tomorrow's meal. Instead, I whipped out three dozen cupcakes to aid in the celebration of my daughter's first birthday tomorrow.

Now - before my trainer's head spins off its neck at the thought of me downing 36 cupcakes - I will share these cupcakes with my daughter's school and possibly my office (depending on my mood - haha), so they will not all be consumed by our little group.  Most likely, I will only shovel in three or four. I kid, I kid. Maybe.

Mini Oreo Surprise Cupcakes
Source: Kraft Foods, not sure of date

Here's a link to the recipe, along with a fab photo. I have no photos tonight, as the cupcakes are still cooling. Obviously my cupcakes will look exactly like those in the picture. Can we say work of art?

While I can't comment on taste, I can comment on preparation. Overall fairly easy to prep. I decided to double the recipe with the hope of making four dozen, but could only squeeze out three dozen, so I think the recipe (or my measurements?) was slightly off. I'm also not sure what the judge from Cupcake Wars would say about the cakes, but I bet my not-as-critical fam will approve.

Three Forks

Late breaking update: Here's a picture of the cupcakes in all their delish glory, as snapped by KSkull:


  1. Tested and YUMMY approved! Breakfast of champions right there.

  2. YUMMERS!!!! We don't have cable so cupcake wars is out, but I could do some serious damage to those lil babies above...

  3. They looked just like the photo and were AWESOME! I will have to give her an extra good workout for those! MV