Saturday, December 31, 2011

Partying with the Diaper Crowd

One of my glorious friends is hosting what I can only imagine will be a super-fun NYE party for our usual crowd. However, because the babe's bedtime is 7p - 7:30 is a major stretch - we decided to sit this year out and instead do our own family shin-dig. As an homage to the party's Italian host (and Scrabbler extraordinaire, btw), we are going with Italian night here too.

Oh - I also looked specifically for recipes designated "New Year's Eve" in my holiday cookbook resources, just for a fun twist. Some of these cookbooks I have never, ever used, and probably won't use on a regular basis.

Here's a preview:
  • Make your own pizzas. My pizza will be based on Pizza Margherita, Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library "Pizza"
  • Gooey Pizza Dip, Taste of Home Comfort & Joy, 2008
  • Breaded Ravioli, Nestle Make-It-Simple Entertaining, 1996
  • Double Chocolate Souffles with Warm Fudge Sauce, Cooking Light, November 2009
Plus salad and other fun accompaniments.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration!


PS - I forgot to mention - the lasagna I made yesterday was delish. Seriously. Four Forks!

PPS - Update! The kid ended up going to the party and hung until almost 1a (!?!?!!), so it was just me and the hubs. I skipped the ravioli and the Double Fudge Souffles were not worth the effort.

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