Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Amazing Blog Post

I am going to speed through this blog so I can tune into one of my all-time favorite (non-Bravo) shows, The Amazing Race. I LOVE this show. I have watched every single episode since it premiered and I live vicariously through the contestants. The hubs also loves it, so it has been our Sunday night TV thing for as long as its been on. Sorry Bravo Andy - I'm cheating on you tonight.

What? You watch networks other than Bravo?

This week, I am pulling recipes from all of my "healthy" living/promises cookbooks. Tonight's contender is one that I've had varying success with, and don't use often enough. Mostly because there are no pretty photographs of food, which I find kind of boring.

Crusty Oven-Fried Chicken
Source: Family Health Cookbook (from the AMA)

Heart healthy ingredients: Cayenne pepper. I also substituted the vegetable oil for canola oil. WTF? Vegetable oil?

Parsley-Parmesan Potato Cake
Source: Family Health Cookbook (from the AMA)

Heart healthy ingredients: Ummmmmm... none. BUT, I contend that potatoes, since they are loaded with potassium, aren't the worst ever.

We also had health super-star broccoli. Bam!

Repeat after me: "I DO NOT LIKE POTATOES." Yet, I continue to force these spiteful spuds upon the kid. One mouthful and he was done. The potato recipe made a lot - yet the recipe said it was just four servings. As the hubs said, it was pretty much mashed potatoes. As for the chicken, I tasted a lot of the cayenne and hot sauce, the hubs not so much, but he still deemed it worthy of consumption. Half of the "crusty" part fell off when I removed it from the baking sheet, which kind of blew. Oh well.

Three forks

Hi Phil - We've missed you and your wonky eyebrow!

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  1. Tonight's chicken and Phil Keoghan rock!