Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

It would have been too cliche to make New England clam chowder or New York cheesecake for Super Bowl Sunday. So I didn't. It's not because I'm anti-Super Bowl (I'm not) and anti-cliche (I'm obviously not based on previous blog posts), but mostly because I don't like either of those foods.

So, instead I went with a "man's meal" of chili. Again. With a twist, of course. Chili as a casserole! Because I love a casserole! (And yes, you read it right - I do not like cheesecake.)

I don't make tons of casseroles during the week because I don't have as much time, plus a casserole usually lends itself to over-sized portions and over-eating. But, my heart still belongs to an old-fashioned casserole.

Chili Cornbread Casserole
Source: EatingWell, Sept/Oct 2010

There are a ton of ingredients and directions to type in, and I have Super Bowl commercials to watch. Therefore, I'm instead just providing you a link.

Heart healthy ingredients: Kidney beans; tomatoes; cayenne pepper

We also had:
Garlic Roasted Kale
Source: Cooking Light, not sure of date

I also made:
Texas Sheet Cake
Source: Cooking Light, Jan/Feb 2012

This cake is one of the "All-Time Best" Cooking Light chocolate recipes I referenced in a previous post. This cake came in second place, so obvs I had to give it a whirl. I made a couple of minor adjustments (mainly no nuts because I don't like them in baked goods).

Kid: "Didn't love it." He forced himself to eat approx 10 bites so he could partake in post-dinner ice cream. He did eat all of his kale, and the hubs ate most of his kale, which is a win-win in my book. The hubs gave it a double thumbs up. I thought the chili was good, but the cornbread portion was a little bland. I also cut back on the cheese, so that kind of got lost in translation.

I don't think the cake warrants its runner-up ranking in all-time best ever chocolate recipes, but it is very rich and has an interesting flavor, thanks to the fun addition of cinnamon. And there's a TON of it, which will make my mother happy when she stops by later this week to hang with the kiddos.

Chili Casserole: Three forks - made a ton, overall pretty good
Texas Sheet Cake: Three forks

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