Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fast, Fast, Fast

Hi! I hope you had a loverly weekend.

I'm going to move through this one quickly because I have Red Carpet fashions to watch judge. I have seen a grand total of two of the movies beings recognized tonight (Moneyball - I love Brad, and The Help - amazing book). Doesn't matter. I love watching the fashion parade and listening to the awesome commentary by Seacrest and crew and deep-thinking views from the celebs. And I really love the next-day "best" and "worst" dressed articles.

(No worries, peeps - I am probably just as shallow as at least half of the actors in Hollywood!)

Individual Salsa Meat Loaves
Source: Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast, Spring 2010
Heart healthy ingredients: Oats

Green Beans with Country Mustard and Herbs
Source: Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast, Spring 2010
(This was the suggested side. And I ALWAYS listen to suggestions.)
Heart healthy ingredients: Oregano

Plus, I had a sweet potato. Repeat after me: Heart healthy! Hubs had a regular potato. Didn't even go there with the kid.

The meal is cooking as I'm typing, so you are going to have to use your imagination. I can tell you, much like its promise, the loaves were fast to pull together.

Now on to the show!

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  1. My oscar goes to the chef for another award-winning performance despite being distracted by a pain-in-the-butt sometime sous chef!