Saturday, March 31, 2012

Go Bucks!

Fast and furious today.

My beloved Buckeyes are in the Final Four!

Obvs I needed to make Buckeyes for the occasion. Despite being a long-time and kind of intense Buckeye (alum, former C-bus resident, scheduled my wedding around football, etc.), I have never made these little bits of chocolate-peanut butter candy utopia.

And now I know why. They are a pain to make. There's no picture today because mine, um, don't look that good (and are cooling in the fridge). And there's no recipe posted because you can Google it. Side note - at the suggestion of one of my co-workers (and C-bus native) I used dark chocolate. Best. Idea. Ever.

This is what they should look like:

I can promise you that mine look nothing like that.

I can also promise you come 8:49-ish tonight, the hubs and I will be cheering our team on to hopefully the NCAA Championship game. GO BUCKS!!


  1. gah I knew it and I am totally jeal. yum.

  2. Come to CF and I'll give you a dozen or two - I have tons of leftovers!